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About Us


With a modest beginning in 2002, we have managed to establish ourselves as one of the leading players in this field. As suppliers of solar water heaters, heat pumps, boilers and calorifiers, we have completed numerous projects of a commercial, residential and institutional nature.


Over a short span of time, we have established ourselves in the UAE market place. Our policy of exploring new markets has been rewarded with the company expanding the operations Gulf-wide with a substantial market presence in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Today, Ecoval boasts a long list of satisfied clients and we are the obvious partner for high efficiency energy saving products, superbly engineered for each application. Years of international experience has allowed us to adapt our solutions to meet different market needs and climatic conditions, and we are proud of the reputation that our products and designs have achieved. These products, which have been approved and specified by most of the well-known consultants in the GCC, are not just environmentally friendly but have been designed and produced in a manner which helps the end-user to save costs. The key to our success is the excellent in-house back-up service team.


Representing world class brands and backing it up with in-time service has allowed Ecoval to create a niche for itself



Chairman’s Message


I started this company in 2002 with three simple goals. Be the best (quality), be the biggest and be the one-stop shop (for all heating and cooling requirements). Two basic tenets were important to achieve this. Firstly, we had to benchmark the leader to be the number one, and secondly to consolidate and diversify. With modest beginnings in 2002, Ecoval has established itself in the GCC in not only providing Solar and Energy Saving Solutions but also in Heating & Chilling Solutions. For us, growth and success was never defined by commercial reasons but by providing genuine energy saving solutions to our clients. To achieve this, we realized that we must have the backing of big brand names with high quality products. It was important for us that every client got a return on their investment in 2-5 years while maintaining to reap the benefits for a minimum period of 12-15 years. We pledge that we are the ‘go to’ company for most of the top notch consultants in the region when they require design inputs for projects at design stage.








“To be a globally respected high-performance organization offering sustainable solutions in energy and environment.”



Meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations in all products and services. Identification of client’s requirements and review of ability to meet defined requirements.



  • Transparent
  • Solution provider
  • Committed people
  • Clear focus
  • Strong financials